English for Women in Business +Wellness

Women in Business

Designed for the busy Woman in Business who needs to gain confidence in using English in the highly competitive & stressful world of international business. It includes de-stressing wellness options to revitalise and refresh mind and body, all through English.

The programme takes place in one of Ireland’s most beautiful Atlantic-side locations. It is tailor made to your professional and personal needs. You will cover all the Business English skills needed in a wide range of professional contexts appropriate to your requirements. By the end of the course you could be able to conduct business negotiations, video conferencing, participate in meetings, telephone conversations, written reports & emails, and professional presentations. Throughout the course the topics will focus on the subject of the role and challenges faced by Women in Business today, including the ‘work/life’ balance. In addition to the Business English skills you will learn & improve, you will be encouraged to de-stress and participate in some relaxing, stimulating cultural excursions, creative activities and enjoy some wellness treatments (aromatherapy massage, yoga, etc). All with the objective of sending you home not only a highly competent and confident communicator in English for Business, but also totally revitalised, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Women in Business

Sample Course Content
  • Taking Minutes
  • Writing Emails
  • Meetings
  • International Marketing
  • Processes
  • Discussions
  • Preparing/Giving Presentations
  • Video Conference Calls
  • Human Resources
  • Negotiations
  • Products and Services
  • Clear Communication through English
  • Report Writing
  • Social English
  • Using the Telephone
  • Selling
  • Dealing with Figures
  • Customer Services
  • Networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Building Confidence in the Workplace through English
  • Work Life Balance
  • Women in Business and the Workplace
  • The language of Persuasion
  • Assertive Language
Sample Activities
  • End of Week Relaxation Activity
  • Leisure Centre Facilities
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Visits to a Local Business
  • Guest Speaker Visit
  • One to One Stress Relief Activity
  • Cultural Excursion
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Visit to a Female run Business


All Business English students have the option to prepare for and take the BULATS exam if desired at no extra cost.